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Our little boy turns 1!:)

Our little boy turns 1!:)

Beautiful Irony

So I guess people have already heard by now that I, along with about 4000 others were stranded at school during the weekend because of Typhoon Ondoy. While most people had been deathly jealous that we actually got to experience this rare opportunity, can I just say that it was literally a living hell for those of us who were there?

Above anything else, food was scarce. When we were in Freshmen year, we heard stories that said when people get stranded at UST, the food just comes in—Kenny Rogers…Jollibee…Mc Donald’s…

Can I ask? Food? What FOOD?

Seriously, we went into the brink of starvation because we had to share one cup of noodles per 4 people. That’s not the end of it. We actually had to line up ala refugee style for the food rations. (Okay, so maybe we were considered refugees for the moment because we lived on nothing but charity for almost one day.)

Gahd, I never felt so poor in my life! It was really nasty.

Second thing that we hated during the time we were stranded had been the fact that we had no decent beddings for the night. I am someone who really can’t take sleeping on the floor. I’d sooner borrow someone else’s toothbrush (exaggeration intended). Maybe I was able to sleep for a while but when I woke up, ugh, it felt like I was tramped on by speeding animals in the jungle.

And who can ever forget the fact that I actually had to tread floody waters to buy breakfast because we were soo starving that we can eat our fingers right off.

It was so nasty, believe me. I have never taken a bath for as long as I have as soon as I got home.

But before you quit reading this post because it seems to be filled with nothing but rants and complaints, allow me to share with you the events after I got home.

After I took my longest bath ever, I had it in me to watch the news and see what really went down in some parts of the country that had been terribly hit by the typhoon.

People lost everything—properties, means of livelihood…lives…

Seeing the devastation Ondoy brought had me in tears. There I was, complaining we weren’t fed enough but in another side of the country, people were actually really starving. Other than that, they lost everything. It will take most of them days, weeks, months or even years to regain what they lost. And here I am, I was just stranded but I had so many things left.

After that, I realized: What right did I have to complain?

Like, seriously.

It’s because of selfish people like myself that these things happen in the first place. I feel so sad for what happened to thousands of Filipinos last Saturday. And because of this, I’m stepping it up.

I am challenging you to do the same.

Volunteer. Donate. PRAY.

This is what we need during critical times like these. Let’s all show the world what Filipinos are really like—united, compassionate, dedicated.

As I end this post, I hope you got something out of my little sharing.

Have a good day everyone!:)